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A New Type of House Arrest

Since I've been on Medical Leave with strict mobility restrictions from my rheumatologist, I've been going a little bit stir crazy at times. Even after a month after being diagnosed, I'm still not cleared to begin Physical or Occupational Therapy, yet alone exercise. He really wants to control this inflammation in my joints before I… Continue reading A New Type of House Arrest

Beauty Blast!

Current Obsession: Pinkish-Purple Ombre Lippy

Wow. Truly, I'm terrible at capturing moments of my life. The fact is, the majority of my week is just like any other twenty-something professional working gal. I'm my own #girlboss (holla!) and I have to hustle to make the dough. So really, throughout the week, my life is pretty non-glamorous. To give you a… Continue reading Current Obsession: Pinkish-Purple Ombre Lippy