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Sun in the Fun Photoshoot!

Hey, lovelies!

Recently, as a creative outlet, I had the opportunity to do a fun little shoot with a photographer friend of mine. When he approached me with the idea, I was more than happy to oblige! I love being creative, and I do not have this offer come along often!

So after we set a time and date, I began brain-storming on shoot locations and outfits. Immediately this fun, floral, vintage-inspired bikini popped into mind. I ADORE this suit, and I rarely get to wear the bottoms because I don’t want high-waisted tan lines. But the suit is feminine, playful, and sexy so I’m glad I got to play model for a day and shoot in it!

I wish I could say that this suit was still available, but alas, it’s a Victoria’s Secret suit and they no longer make swimsuits! I found both pieces separately off of PoshMark by some miracle! But I enjoy the hunt, and if you do too maybe you’ll be lucky as well! (I did see the top swimming around under “Victoria’s Secret Floral Push-up Bikini” just last night ;))

My hat is from H&M (but also no longer available, boo!) and my “Purple Crush” Mermaid nails are from Empress Tips!

I had so much fun with Tim, and the photos turned out awesome! We did another outfit at another locale so keep an eye out for that post, later. 🙂

Also be sure to check out my fab photog’s other work at http://timnummyphotography.com



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