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A New Type of House Arrest

Since I’ve been on Medical Leave with strict mobility restrictions from my rheumatologist, I’ve been going a little bit stir crazy at times.

Even after a month after being diagnosed, I’m still not cleared to begin Physical or Occupational Therapy, yet alone exercise. He really wants to control this inflammation in my joints before I begin anything so we don’t exacerbate the issue and perhaps cause permanent damage. So, you can imagine that being restricted to the point where I should be resting and elevating my feet as much as possible has been a challenge at times. (Cue renewed vigor in blogging!)

On top of being at home all day with plenty of mobility restrictions, I’ve been hopped on on high dose corticosteroids which make me ADHD like crazy! My mind is zipping about constantly unless I’m being distracted with company. I can’t even get through a TV show anymore. So that means I’ve been doing tons and tons of research. ADHD Research, so you can imagine what my browser history looks like. Below are a few topics that I’ll be covering in blog posts to come as a result from my major research binge.

  • Research on my new diagnosis.
  • Alternative therapies and a holistic approach for Wellness:
    • Anti-inflammatory diet modification
    • Cryotherapy
    • CBD Hemp oil
    • Lodonal
    • Vital Proteins Collagen Supplement

Other than tons of research I’ve also been getting my life in order!

  • Adopting new/better beauty routines
  • FINALLY being able to refinance/consolidate my private student loans (only took 4 years to get approved!)
  • Updating my apartment with some much needed interior design refresh (All on a beer budget with champagne tastes!)
  • Selling some of my unused house decor and fashion
  • And maybe a teensy bit of Retail Therapy  >.<

And when I haven’t been doing all of that, you can often find me by the pool with a friend soaking in some rays. Hey, Vitamin D is good for psoriasis, I’m off my feet with them elevated for the swelling, and since the water is still extra cold it’s like cold therapy for my joints! So, I’d like to think that I’m making the best of my medical leave and trying to be as productive as possible. Can’t wait to delve further into what I’ve been doing!

Here’s a quick preview:


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