Wham BAM: Week 2

This update is a little late, but the pictures were taken on time!

At week 2 I was able to start sleeping slightly on my side, but still having to sleep elevated.

Things I did not learn from being a plastics nurse taking care of BAM patients– How tender and “knotty” the incision area feels. Also, how much it hurts to peel off the surgical tapes.

As a plastics nurse, I never palpated patients’ incisions. I cleaned them, yes, with gloves donned and using dampened sterile gauze, but never truly felt them. For my own, I can literally feel every knot of my sutures underneath the skin. They look pretty unsightly, but I trust the sutures will dissolve fully in time.

Also, surgery has spurred my skin to flare up my dormant eczema. I haven’t had a flare up since I was a child. So, that hasn’t been fun. The flare up occurred right around my surgical area and in my cleavage, luckily, it’s not that severe. I also developed little water blister “bumps” where the surgical tape has been. I notified my surgeon and was advised to no longer wear the tapes, which is what I assumed would be the treatment. Slowly, this has been getting better.

All things considering, my post-op outcome has been very good! My breasts have been proceeding just as planned. Slowly, my breasts have been dropping. In a week’s time I’ll be allowed to begin stretching and massaging in order to help them “drop” into the “pocket.” And, my cleavage training is going well. Most people don’t know, but choosing to get breast implants requires life-long maintenance. You must wear a supportive bra to help keep them “in place.” If you choose to get your implants placed beneath the muscle, the pectoral muscles naturally want to pull the implants “into your armpits.” So, it’s very important that when your scar tissue capsule pocket is maturing, you train your implants to be in the correct spot, and support them (just as a retainer would support post-braces teeth) to keep them in a proper area for the longevity of the implant. Then of course if you choose silicone-based implants, it is advised by the FDA that you get them replaced every 10 years.

The biggest challenge out of this recovery is how tender my skin has gotten. I believe from the 2 weeks of wearing the surgical bra 24 hours a day, my skin has literally felt raw to the touch. I had to buy a softer bralette to wear underneath my surgical bra, to help prevent the seams from rubbing. It made it slightly better, as did rubbing coconut milk oil on my skin. However, I DID have to be noncompliant (nurses are notorious for this, we think we know all the in’s and out’s of our select area of expertise,) and sleep braless for a couple of nights.

One last tidbit I’ve noticed post surgery is that interestingly enough, so far my nipples have MORE sensation than they had pre-op. Most people fear that they will lose nipple sensitivity, and/or the ability to breastfeed. However, if you have the Inframammary Fold (IMF) insertion (at the breast fold), it is less likely that you will have any interference with the above mentioned.

Anyways, until updates at week 3, here are week 2’s post-op photos!





So! All-in-all, much lower, and much rounder than Day 2 Post-Op! Can’t wait to see what happens after I begin massaging and stretching!


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