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Empty space

Just a mini blog post about what I should fill the space above my bed with. We have over 10 ft ceilings, and I haven’t found a good headboard yet, so I need something to fill all the void space with. The room is featured above.

I’m thinking a gallery wall might be good, or there’s a diy project I saw on with a very large frame, chicken wire, and rolled pieces of colored paper to set into the chicken wire.


I think I’d spray the chicken wire gold first, and probably stick to one color spectrum to fit my room decor better.

I do love the sunburst mirrors, but I’ve never fallen in love with one in my price range. So, I’m taking a poll as to what you would do. Please help this broke, amateur interior design junky out!


5 thoughts on “Empty space

  1. That’s a cool idea — I’ve never seen anything like that before.

    In my office, I took a reclaimed wood frame that Zeb made out of wood from the old farm house, and I put in CD liner art from some of my favorite albums. It’s a little weird, and wouldn’t work in your bedroom, but I like the way it turned out here (in the last image, you can just barely make it out over the fireplace):

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    1. I like that!! I also like your office. You know a lot of people also frame vinyls of their favorite albums.

      I went with the screen divider Pa made (the one that was the backdrop for the cake at Daniel’s wedding). I just dropped the fabric panels down and it looks like a headboard of sorts! I’ve taken pictures of it, and hopefully soon I’ll be doing a room tour blog post! 😀


    1. I actually thought of that then promplty forgot it! I have a friend who did that in her bedroom as her form of overhead lighting and it looks fabulous! I also dont have overhead lighting so it might work. She also has brick wallpaper that gives it that loft feel so it ties it all together. But I’m not sure because I feel like when it’s off it’ll look tacky?


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