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Any Given (Rainy) Sunday

Oh me, oh my. After a short interlude, I’m back!

I’ve recently lost my premier photographer, but I’m trying to find ways to coerce other friends to do mini photoshoots so I can keep blogging. I wasn’t the most reliable frequent blogger to begin with, but now I have extra challenges in my way. I’ll try to be better. Since I’m still settling-in at my new job, and the holidays looming with extra family and friend commitments, I’m finding that blogging is taking the back burner for now. It is what it is!

Today’s weather matches my mood- rainy, gloomy, and cold. Even though I feel like this on the inside, and it feels like that outside, doesn’t mean you can’t put on a pretty face (and cute rain boots) and fake it ’til you make it! So today’s look is to spruce up that rainy, almost-winter day!



To say I’ve been obsessed with winter neutrals lately might be an understatement. Creams, tans, and especially gold have been a part of nearly every one of my outfits lately.


Forgive the out-of-season nails, they’re still hanging in there from my Cheshire Cat costume from Halloween. But let’s talk about these boots. And umbrella. First off, shout out to my awesome roommate, Heather, for having spectacular fashion taste and also generously letting me borrow her green Hunter Wellington’s for this shoot. She’s seriously a doll, and has been my lifesaver in many ways, especially lately. I couldn’t be thankful enough to have such a caring, generous friend and roommate. She’s been such a support to me in so many ways. There is my little thankfulness blurb for this post. Gotta have those, especially since Thanksgiving is right around the corner.



This has been my favorite umbrella thus far that I’ve ever owned! I can pull it down over my entire head to protect my hair and makeup from the elements. Target really has won with this one.


Umbrella- Target

Boots- (roommates)- Hunter Wellington (discontinued color)

Jeans- American Eagle (old)- similar here

Top- EXPRESS (old)

Scarf- EXPRESS (old)

Lippy- MAC Ruby Woo

Lip Pencil- MAC Cherry

Watch- Michael Kors


8 thoughts on “Any Given (Rainy) Sunday

    1. Thanks! They’re actually my roommates. She got them when they were clearanced on zappos.com. I tried searching for them to provide a link in the blog post, but could not find that particular color. So sorry!


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