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Intro… Layers!

It’s finally cool enough in Georgia to add in some warm layers for fall! I’m going to keep the text short and sweet, and let the photos speak for themselves. Thanks again, Patrick Taylor of for the mad sweet photog skills!


I’m just a little obsessed with my J. Crew chartreuse puffer vest… I’ve been finding every excuse to wear it! It was my love’s birthday present to me, and it’s perfect for fall! I’ve worn it several different ways already, this time I wore it with a burnout polka-dot, cream long-sleeved shirt from EXPRESS. I also love to pair it with an oatmeal thermal (waffle) long-sleeved shirt. I haven’t found the perfect flannel button-down to pair it with yet… But I don’t mind the search!


I’ve had my trusty Cathy Jean authentic leather boots for years now… The quality is great and they’re not loosing their oomph at all!




Best Buy has a new line of Isaac Mizrahi tech cases… And I fell in love with the gold polkadot on white! It has a pale pink silicone bumper in the front for added protection, too! It’s really hard to find a sleek, stylish, AND protective case out there!


Calling all Potterheads! I’m sporting another birthday present here. This one was from my 15 year-old brother. He and I share an obsessive affinity for Harry Potter. (Like, I’m thinking about getting this symbol tattoo’d on my body some day… O.o ) That’s how much we love Potter! Anyways, this little symbol holds importance in every true Potterhead’s heart… Those of you who have been a fan, will be, Always.


Stole my beau’s Daniel Wellington watch for this shoot… It has such a classic look to it! I can’t wait to get one of my own!


I’m so glad you all took a walk with me through this fall look… Please share with me your favorite fall style obsessions! Can’t wait to hear!




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