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Bonjour, Blogosphere!

Hey there, readers! I guess it’s only suitable for my very. first. blog. post. ever! to be a get-to-know me pow-wow, right? Well here I am, in the er– virtflesh, willing to spill my soul to your eager eyes. As my little tagline says– Yes. I’m in my 20’s. Yes, I’m a Registered Nurse in Good Ole Georgia! Yes, I’m happily taken and living my semi-charmed life with the man that was created soully (Like what I did there?) for me. And YES, just like millions of other 20-something female bloggers, the majority of my posts will be about fashion, amateur interior design endeavors, soiree-planning, travel, and you guessed it- DIY’s!

In fact, I just launched my own little mini boutique to sell the little lovelies that I’ve hand-crafted. It is in its infancy, so not much is on there yet, but it will primarily be handmade jewelry, some homemade decor items, and (if I get really ballsy) some original art to sell. If you’re absolutely dying to check it out (like I know you are,) you can see it here.

Now getting back to yours truly, I wanted to share my mini epiphany of self-discovery that I stumbled upon this past week. So, as a new nurse, I’m getting a little burnt out on the intensive cardiac step-down unit I like to call my nursing home. I soul search daily, trying to dig deep and find what would make my already semi-charmed life even more fulfilling. As as I’m elbow deep in shit, (literally, I have to clean up human shit) it strikes me how very sadly important it is for me to wallow in an aesthetically pleasing environment. Like, down to the most minuscule detail, have things that surround me be beautiful. But perhaps it is because my profession has me residing in scrubs, and doing less-than-glamorous tasks that I value the superficial beauty of a materialistic hobby.

So here I am, ready to dive in head-first to a world of blogging primarily via photography. I’ll primarily be posting rad outfit(s)-of-the-day of both the male and female assortment, #yesplease #ootd, with mini detours to posts about interior design, party-planning, DIY, travel, and stream-of-consciousness rants.

So there you are, blogosphere. That’s Simply Me in a nutshell.


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