Coachella Cover-UpLESS Pool Vibes

Over the past year, I've been noticing that my style has been evolving. My wardrobe is becoming less fussy, while also becoming more refined. Is that possible? I'd like to think that my style has been taking on a Coachella-esque, Safari Chic vibe, with hint of "Carmen San Diego" thrill thrown in. (I know I... Continue Reading →

April Showers Sporty Attire

Hey friends! I wanted to do a light-hearted post, and it's been FUHR-EV-UR since I've done an #OOTD post! This is my my super comfy, practical, and cute outfit I wore to run errands today in this nasty weather. So-- pretty simple outfit, and it made running around in the rain easy while keeping my... Continue Reading →

A New Type of House Arrest

Since I've been on Medical Leave with strict mobility restrictions from my rheumatologist, I've been going a little bit stir crazy at times. Even after a month after being diagnosed, I'm still not cleared to begin Physical or Occupational Therapy, yet alone exercise. He really wants to control this inflammation in my joints before I... Continue Reading →

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